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Bringing Families Closer Together

Our books are designed to cultivate your child's love of reading, improve their development, as well as bring them hope and inspiration. Reading with your child will serve to strengthen your relationship, enhance their concentration, and increase their communication skills.

why Choose Faithworks?

Benefits Of Customized Children's Books

Encourage Reading and Grow Vocabulary

Your customized book will increase your child's excitement to read. They will be motivated to learn the letters of the alphabet when they see their name in their own special book. Faith Works Publications is here to bring the joy of reading into your home.

A Keepsake That Will Last A Lifetime

Personalized children’s books are unique and thoughtful gifts that stand out. Your child will always keep their very own book as it will become a memory that will continue to remind them of the precious time they spent reading it with you when they were young!

Personalized Books Encourage Your Child

Your personalized children’s book will build your little one's self-esteem by boosting a healthy confidence. They are assured or reassured that they are important as they begin to learn and see themselves involved in their very own storybook. 

Tailored books just for you and your children

Hello, my Name Is..

By Uchenna Jones

This beautiful story can be personalized specifically for your child. In this book, your child will learn the meaning of their name. They will also learn how to count and spell their name using animals associated with each letter of their name. This will be a keepsake book of your child's animal friends that they will want to read over and over again!!!

Book Examples:

Reading is more than just translating written words into verbal form..

Reading is also about understanding those words were once ideas in the minds of great thinkers. It is about realizing those ideas can be connected to personal experiences.

Give Your Child The Gift of Hope 

Inspire your child with an astonishing true story of a young girl named Krystyn who was born with spina bifida. Read her real-life story about love, family and being brave, even when things are hard, because she knows she is wonderfully made. This book is sure to uplift your child through any difficult time they may be faced with. 

A Book To Encourage Hope and Strength During The Hard Times

Wonderfully Made

By Krystyn Jones

Meet Krystyn. Krystyn is like any other little girl—she loves her family, her friends, and singing. But there is one very special thing about her: she wears braces on her legs to help her walk..

Read Krystyn’s real-life story about love, family, and being brave, even when things are hard, because she knows she is wonderfully made.

Teach Your Child To Embrace Who They Are

Pretty Black Girl

By Uchenna Jones

Pretty Black Girl, a poem brought to life with beautiful, culturally rich illustrations, aims to inspire young Black girls everywhere to embrace the essence of who they are and the diverseness of the beauty they possess.

 Whether it is their hair, eyes, nose, mouth, or intelligence, this book reveals the brilliance in the uniqueness of a pretty Black girl.

2018 Writer's Digest Self Published Book Awards Ranking

Books are evaluated on a scale of 1 to 5, with 1 meaning “needs improvement” and 5 meaning “outstanding”

Structure, Organization, and Pacing

5 out of 5

Plot and Story Appeal

5 out of 5

Production Quality and Cover Design

5 out of 5

Character Appeal and Development

5 out of 5

Voice and Writing Style

5 out of 5

Spelling, Punctuation, Grammar

5 out of 5

Judge’s Commentary

HELLO, MY NAME IS CHRISTOPHER by Uchenna Jones is a charming book. I thoroughly enjoyed the excellent photography. I enjoyed the back cover that explained the book's purpose very well, along with the interesting and wonderful images of animals surrounding the text.

I love this idea to make kids feel special. As a consumer, I would consider a purchase here.  Overall, a nice way for kids to learn they are special, and to read about animals. A lovely book.

~ Nicole with Writer's Digest Competitions

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Need help publishing your book?

The process of getting published through traditional means can be quite a challenge. Faith Works Publications was created to give aspiring writers the opportunity to see their words come to life. So, if you have a story that you have written and you want it to be told, we are more than glad to help you turn your written work into book reality.

It All Began With Christopher

By - Uchenna Jones

In February of 2017, I was inspired to write a book to help my son, Christopher, learn his name. He was three years old at the time. Moreover, he has been reading since he was two and half years old. The book was called, “Hello, My Name Is Christopher.” I was so excited about it that I created a prototype. My son loved it! He read it over and over! I had wondered if there would be other kids out there who would have the same experience my son had if such a book was created for them.

I began to search for a local publisher. This process was not easy. I received referrals from friends. However, I was turned down every time. No one wanted to work with me. Feeling defeated, I just submitted my book for copyright and left it alone. It was not until July of 2017 before I heard anything about my book. 

On July 15th, my life changed. A good friend of mine received a copy of my manuscript. Keep in mind I never told her about the book I wrote. My good friend also worked at the Library of Congress in Washington DC. She reached out to me and wanted me to know that she had looked at my book. I could not believe what had just happened. I prayed for a sign but this was a huge sign!!!! I called her and we began to talk. I was given the encouragement I needed to press forward. 

So I did just that. I pressed! As I began to put the book together, I began to realize that I was surrounded by various individuals who either knew how to make or had helped others create/publish a book. I even had a publishing company reach out to me but wanted me to pay large sums of money to get it off the ground. They had a different plan for my book. I even spoke with them, only to find out that I would have very little say on how the book will be put together. I decided not to move forward with them. On August 15th, 2017 Faith Works Publications, LLC was born. On November 24th, 2017 “Hello My Name Is” was officially published.

Faith Works Publications was created to give aspiring writers the opportunity to see their words come to life. We are more than glad to help you turn your written work into book reality. 

About US

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Uchenna Jones

Uchenna Jones is a wife and mother of three. She is currently a Registered Nurse in Labor and Delivery. Inspired by her children she decided to step out on faith and write children's books. Her personal journey of publishing her first book gave birth to Faith Works Publications LLC.

Krystyn Jones

Krystyn is a nineteen-year-old dancer and performer who is living with spina bifida and scoliosis. Although living with this condition has brought her to some lows, it has also helped her soar to new heights. She has broken free of the limitations that come with spina bifida, and is determined not to let the condition define her as a person. She hopes to put all of her accomplishments to good use as a teen spokesperson/advocate for other children with spina bifida and other disabilities. 

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